Contract Questions

Truckee/North Shore:
Jenny Johnson | 775.691.4382

South Lake Tahoe:
Ellen Camacho | 530.563.8750

Incline Village:
Anne Wulff | 775.815.1452

Jenny Johnson | 775.691.4382

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Truckee/North Shore/South Lake:
Casey Higgins | 775.473.2109

Tunde Jarcik | 775.384.6900

Escrow Management Services:

Tunde Jarcik, Transaction Department Manager | 775.384.6900

Casey Higgins, Transaction Coordinator | 775.473.2109

Lindsay Lyons, Transaction Coordinator | 775.473.2043

Maya Jones, Transaction Coordinator | 775.473.2015

Skyslope Under Contract Process – Listing Side 

  • Convert the listing already in Skyslope to a pending transaction by clicking the “Accepted Contract” tab within the listing file (no need to create a separate transaction for the listing – even if you represent both the Buyer and the Seller). If you do not see the “Accepted Contract” tab you’re probably missing a required field. Please contact Tunde Jarcik for any Nevada listing questions and the office administrator for any California listing questions.

Skyslope Under Contract Process – Selling Side:

  • Go to Manage Transactions
  • Select Create Transaction
  • Enter Address and complete every field with a red (*)
  • You must complete every tab (including adding the commission and referral information) before this will be saved as an actual transaction
  • Load the applicable contract and supporting documentation to the transaction.  Please upload any/all ratified/completed documents in a timely manner.  Please confirm that the documents that you load to the checklists are fully executed by all parties to the transaction. Note that time is of the essence; all pending transactions should be created and ready for their first review when escrow has been opened and no later than (3) days after acceptance. If there are any changes to the price or the close date, you must update Skyslope as that is the ONLY way the staff is notified.*

Additional Items to Note Regarding the Under Contract Process:

  • If there are any reductions to the commission amount on your transaction outside of paying for a home warranty, please fill out a Commission Reduction Request Form, CRR Listing or CRR Escrow, and send it to your managing broker for their approval. This must be loaded to the Skyslope checklist.
  • Skyslope transaction checklists must be completed and approved prior to close of escrow to ensure timely commission processing and payment. Agents will receive a breakdown of their commission for their review no later than (3) days prior to close of escrow.
  • For all California transactions, a Commission Demand will be sent out by the staff to the title company noted in Skyslope. A copy of this demand will be in the Documents section of Skyslope for the agent’s reference/review.
  • For Nevada transactions, please send all Commission Instructions to and a staff member will send them to your Nevada Broker. If you are not engaging in Escrow Coordination Services you will be required to forward the signed commission instructions to title and load the document to Skyslope. For Escrow Coordination Services click here.

Process if your transaction cancels:

  • In SkySlope, upload the fully executed cancellation to the checklist.
  • Change the status of the transaction to Cancelled (can be done in “Managing Transactions”). This will notify the staff to review the request to cancel and approve if everything is in order.
  • If this is a listing and the escrow cancels you follow the same process. Once the staff has approved the cancellation, your listing will be reactivated. Please confirm that the expiration date is correct in Skyslope after it’s been reactivated. There is no need to create a new listing in Skyslope.

Process for all “No-Go” transactions:
If you’ve written an offer and it never came together (rejected, expired, etc), please load the purchase agreement and any disclosures your clients signed to the emails listed below (depending on what office you operate out of). Skyslope will store a copy of that if you need to reference that contract in the future.

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