Your SIR email works as or and is a vanity email that forwards to your personal email.

If you are having a problem getting your emails and there could be a couple of reasons for that;

One, if you’re sending a test email from your email that the SIR email is supposed to forward to, it will be seen as spam and won’t send.

Two, since your SIR email is a forwarding only email sometimes your personal email providers see those as spam. To help avoid that you will need to add your SIR emails (both or to either a whitelist (it’s like the black list where you block emails but whitelist is for saying these specific emails are ok) if your email doesn’t have whitelist (such as gmail) you will want to create a filter that if an email is sent to or to Never send it to Spam.

If your still having problems we can upgrade your SIR email to an actual email account where you have a login, send emails from the SIR email and get the server information to add to outlook or mac mail. If you need help adding to whitelist or creating a filter your office administrator can assist and if you want to upgrade please fill out the form below.